Factors considered when hiring a DUI attorney

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Speaking with a DUI lawyer is important especially for those individuals who have received citations for driving while they are drunk or under the influence of other drugs. Such a lawyer will answer your questions and then advise you accordingly. This will help you in making an informed decision. Again it is important to speak to different lawyers even if they are not representing you. Most of these lawyers will offer you a free consultation. The following are some of the guidelines that will help you in getting a good DUI attorney.

Get to know how long he or she has been practicing

This is one of the simple assessments. An attorney who has just graduated from college is more likely to be expensive as compared to a seasoned practitioner. New attorneys not experienced when it comes to court matters.

Know how many cases they have handled

Even if most of the DUI cases are known for ending up before going to trial, there are some that might go to trial. It is therefore important to hire a lawyer who is comfortable in dealing with strange people who will decide your fate if your case happens to go to trial. Such an attorney should also be comfortable and conversant with the courtroom procedures.


Get to know if he or she has malpractice insurance

All the established attorneys are supposed to have malpractice insurance.

Get to know the lawyer’s history

There are some attorneys who have been disciplined for various reasons by the state bar. If you happen to meet such a lawyer, it is imperative to find out what had happened. This will help you in making the final decision.

Get to know who will be handling your case

Sometimes you might meet an attorney who you will never see again. Such lawyers have employed other attorneys in their law firms who normally handle the different cases. It is therefore critical to know who will handle your case. Also, it is important to know how you will be communicating with that attorney.


How much will you be charged?

Most of the DUI cases are handled based on a flat fee. The fee you agree with your attorney will be the final cost. If this is not the case, then you should find out if there are other costs that might be charged on you.





Immigration mistakes that you need to avoid

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Some mistakes are made by people whenever they are applying for immigration. These mistakes should be avoided to avoid serious troubles. Making such mistakes can make someone lose his or her immigration and filing fee or even become deported. This might end up denying you an opportunity of reuniting with your family members. Being cautious can help you in avoiding these mistakes.

Late responses to the immigration department

Some of the immigration departments might ask for additional information from the applicant before processing his or her immigration application. Such requests should be replied in good time with sufficient documentation. Your application might be rejected if you happen to miss or ignore the given deadline.

Providing incorrect information


Anyone applying for immigration is supposed to provide all the required information. You should give correct information when filing the different documents. You should avoid misrepresenting any facts of giving fraudulent information for you to obtain the immigration benefit.


Filling your application without the required fee

Every immigration form has a processing fee. However, some forms have a waiver fee. Individuals who are unable to pay the required fee should request or apply for a fee waiver. This one of the is exceptional ideas. USCIS can not process any application that does not have a fee waiver request or fee.

Sending your application to the wrong office

All the application forms have instructions that must be read carefully. Each form has an address to which you are supposed to send your application from. Sending an application form to the wrong office might lead to unnecessary delays because the form will take time before it is forwarded to the required office. Sometimes such forms might be returned to the sender.

Court hearings and immigration interviews

It is always important to attend the court hearings and interviews that have been set up immigration departments. Your application can be rejected if you ignore these court hearings and interviews.

All the applicants cannot be successful

There are some applicants fail to meet the required criteria when they are applying for immigration departments. Most of these people apply because they have seen their relatives or friends being successful in their applications. However, some of the immigrants are not successful for the immigration benefits. The eligibility criteria and the options available are indicated in the instruction forms.



It is always advisable to read the instructions form before applying. This will help you in checking if you are eligible for a certain immigration benefit. You should avoid applying for benefits that you are not eligible.