What to Do when Hurt in a Wreck with an 18-Wheeler?

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An accident with a truck requires careful and differentiated tactics when seeking compensation for damages to your car and your body. Unlike ordinary car accidents, the truck represents another class, and insurance compensation in such cases is not straightforward. You will need to do more than just present a claim to your insurer when hurt in a wreck with an 18-wheeler. You should consider getting an attorney to help you master the case, collect all necessary evidence, and present the suit to the right party. In many cases, you may need to claim compensation from more than one responsible party, and that is why an accident with an 18-wheeler truck is very different to that with another sedan or small car. Here are preparation tips for you as you work on your compensation case after the accident.


Get a personal injury attorney

When hurt in such an accident, you should get the correct legal representation. A personal injury lawyer has experience. You will know the right documents to pursue from relevant authorities including a police abstract and medical discharge forms that confirm your involvement in an accident and your discharge from hospital respectively. The role of the personal attorney is to represent your interest, including negotiation with the firms involved in the case. The attorney will address all legal policy issues covering your accident such as whether you have a basis for claiming compensation.

Quantify your losses

INJURED MANAs you nurse the pain of losing your car and damaging your health, you should also consider the effect of the accident on your future abilities. For instance, the days taken off work can be part of your report regarding the crash so that you confirm its adverse effects on your lifestyle. Often, when seeking compensation for both health and psychological injuries, you need to present the other party with correct information in a factual manner. Quantifying implies the assignment of a monetary figure to every item that you think deserves to feature in the compensation claim. Your attorney should help you identify anything that may have merit for inclusion in the claim as you file your suit.

Gather funds

As your case progresses and you take part in the back and forth discussions with lawyers, and different entities, your wallet will be feeling the pinch. Often, you have to pay for everything from your pocket and then recover your expense when you win the compensation case. Your lawyer may accept partial payment depending on the lucrativeness of the case. Meanwhile, your health insurance would kick in immediately to offset your medical bills, but the process of compensating your car loss could take longer. Having money set aside for handling the issues relating to the accident gives you peace of mind.


The main things to remember are that you need a personal injury attorney, you must quantify your losses, and you should find some money to use during the waiting period as you follow up on your case.